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Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400 Farewell at LAX

Delta Airlines retired their Boeing 747-400 fleet in December of 2018. In the final weeks before retirement, they toured the nation to their hubs to showcase this magnificent aircraft to the public and to give their employees one last chance to say goodbye. I attended this event, and had an incredible experience touring one of the most iconic aircraft out there.

Virgin Orbit Boeing 747-400 "Cosmic Girl"

The Boeing 747 is known to be a versatile airliner, but who would have imagined it would be launching satellites into orbit? Virgin Orbit, a company founded by Richard Branson, is using an ex-Virgin Atlantic 747-400 to launch their small-sat launch vehicle into low Earth orbit! Virgin Orbit is based at Long Beach, California and I've photographed it a few times.

Qantas Boeing 747-400 Retirement "Wunala Dreaming"

VH-OEJ, a.k.a Wunala Dreaming, is an aircraft that played a very important role in my childhood to shape my love for aviation. I hold the Qantas 744s close to my heart, and to me, OEJ’s grand send-off from Sydney and her southeast arrival to LAX really was the best way to wrap up the era of the Roo Queen.